Fluid Analysis

fluid analysis

Why Fluid Analysis? Detect potential failures before they occur, Improve component durability by monitoring fluid condition, Reduce unscheduled downtime, Schedule maintenance activities more efficiently, Reduce consumption and disposal costs with optimized drain intervals.

Hartland Fluid Analysis Program

Comprehensive Analytical Services performed by Polaris Laboratories, LLC, a complete program for industrial applications, engines, coolant and fuel analysis. Polaris’ ISO 17025 A2LA accreditation is the highest level of quality attainable by a testing laboratory. Get fast results via on-line state of the art maintenance tracking, email or fax.

Oils—Oil analysis is a diagnostic, preventative maintenance tool invaluable to monitoring and evaluating lubricant and equipment conditions in all applications.

Fuels—Testing fuel can detect problems that lead to fuel filter plugging, poor injector performance, loss of power and reduced fuel economy.

Coolants—Over 50% of engine failures are due to a problem within the cooling system. Regular coolant testing can detect potential sources of these problems. For more information click on our Hartland Fluid Analysis Users Guide.

Kendall Lubricant Analysis System (KLAS®)

Powerful oil analysis program designed for maintenance professionals. Simplified program administration through on-line reporting, extend component life and up-time. Analyze data trends to detect problems before they occur and reduce chances of unplanned maintenance.

Phillips 66 AnalysisPlus®

Oil analysis has never been easier than with Phillips 66 Lubricants and AnalysisPlus. With testing options to meet your program needs, Analysis Plus is your snapshot into the condition of both the lubricants you’re using and the units you’re moving.

Identifying minor problems before they become major failures will save you both money and unscheduled downtime. An oil analysis program is a timely, cost-effective way to maximize reliability and boost company profits.