Plant Surveys

The primary objective of conducting plant surveys is to reduce your operating costs. Here’s how we can help you acheive those cost reductions.

Consolidate Lubricants
Analyze machinery requirements. Recommend fewest multi-service products. Consult original equipment manufacturers for proper applications. Reduce number of lubricants.

Lubrication Instructions
Recommend simplified lubrication scheduling, application methods and frequencies.

Proper Lubricating Devices
Cut labor costs with use of labor saving technology.  Reduce waste with automated products.

Extend Lubricant Life
Implement sampling and oil analysis to maximize service life of lubricants.

On The Job Training Clinics
In plant seminars on lubrication technology, components, application and engineering programs.

Benefits for Your Plant
Reduce unscheduled downtime
Reduce machine replacement parts
Reduce labor costs
Reduce purchasing costs
Reduce consumption and waste
Increased production of acceptable parts
More effective maintenance control