Oil Dehydration & Filtration


Our Pall HVP Lube Oil Purifier will remove free and dissolved water, dirt, and free and dissolved air and gases from hydraulic, lube and dielectric oil. The Pall HVP extends fluid life, reduces disposal costs and environmental risks. System wear is reduced with cleaner fluid.

Hartland Lubricants & Chemicals will dehydrate and filter hydraulic oil to your required cleanliness specifications. Reduce costs of purchasing new fluid and disposal costs of old fluid.  Give your hydraulic fluid a second or even third life with our dehydration and filtration service.

We offer two convenient options to dehydrate and filter your lube oil:

We will pick up and purify your product at our facility to your cleanliness specification, then return your product to your location. Or our Pall HVP Lube Oil Purifier can be delivered to your location and purification can be done on your site. This is a great option for large systems.

Call us at 800-658-9051 for more information on this cost saving service.